Mosaic Workshops december 9th 2017 in Rockport MA


Lets play with Smalti!  Several Smalti designs are available for you to use in class or you can bring your own design. I am creating some new shapes to allow for more abstract freedom in learning to work with andemento in your smalti explorations. All materials and a lovely lunch are provided, just bring your creative spirit. To sign up contact me here

Price $160   $25.00 materials fee .  $45 for cobble

Play with texture and color while focusing on the fundamentals of mosaic making. Cut a variety of materials using nippers to create a vibrant 6 x 6 smalti mosaic. Hammers and hardie are available for more advanced students. Work directly with thin set mortar to adhere a variety of tessera, smalti glass, pottery shards, marble or perhaps a special treasure you have been saving.   Open to any level of experience. Many wonderful Inns are within walking distance.
For those who would like to learn to work with or continue to explore and play with this fabulous material. Smalti is the beautifully colored glass seen in the mosaics of the great cathedrals throughout the world. Smalti is hand cut from a large slab or pizza of glass. Its riven edge is used as the surface giving the mosaic a sparkling, reflective quality. The class will focus on the fundamentals of working with Smalti to create a vibrant, colorful mosaic. Learn to break pizzas, chop and chip B-cuts to add interest to your mosaic.The studio has a large selection of colors and materials to chose from. Use of the hammer and hardie will be demonstrated and are available to use. We will make a 6×6 ungrouted mosaic using the direct method.
Mixed media
You can use a variety of materials: vitreous glass, stones, found objects you have collected, pottery, minerals, marble or ceramic porcelain tile to make an 8×8 grouted or non grouted mosaic. Grout date will be determined in class. All materials, and choice of a few designs will be provided if you do not have a plan of your own to allow you to use your newly acquired techniques and skills.

Granite Cobbles
Create a beautiful piece of art for your garden or home. I have granite cobbles that have a carved out oval center approximately 7.5 x 5 inch. We will work directly using thinset mortar so your cobble will be safe to place outside year round. It can be great to look out into the Winter garden an see a colorful mosaic nestled in the snow!

November 11 &12 Creating Architectural Mosaics with Cathleen Newsham

If you love mosaics and are ready to tackle installations but don’t know where to start, this is the workshop for you! Taking on an architectural mosaic project can be a scary prospect! In this two day workshop, Cathleen Newsham, founder of Modern Mosaic Arts, will try to calm your nerves by showing you her tried and true techniques and sharing her experiences from 18 years of architectural mosaic creation.

This workshop should particularly benefit those who want to learn the skills needed to successfully bid on, fabricate and install any size architectural mosaic that will be construction grade. Architectural mosaics are a great way to grow your mosaic business and can be profitable if you go about it correctly. If you underbid a project, measure incorrectly, or choose the wrong materials it can be a nightmare! In this workshop, Cathleen Newsham, owner of Modern Mosaic Arts, Inc. will share her 18 years of experience in the mosaic business so you can sleep peacefully!

Half of this workshop will consist of a Keynote presentation that will feature Newsham’s architectural projects; she will share details about her bidding process, invoicing, client correspondence, design and approval phases, fabrication techniques and installation details. The other half of the workshop, (which will be interspersed with the Keynote prestation), students will be creating 4″x4″ test mosaics that will allow them to try the various fabrication techniques we will be discussing, (paper-faced, mesh, tile tape and direct method), enabling students to feel confident in their abilities before starting an architectural project of their own. Students will also receive a take home workbook detailing how to construct and write a bid, see examples of client correspondence and invoices, descriptions of materials, tools and supplies needed, (including their cost and where to purchase). Cathleen will also discuss how she finds clients and how you can market yourself to obtain your own architectural work. Questions are encouraged throughout the workshop but there will also be a 1/2 hour at the end of each day to discuss any project that students are currently working on and would like Newsham’s advice.

See what people are saying!

I have taken an Architectural Mosaic workshop with Cathleen Newsham over the past weekend, through Mosaic Oasis in Arlington MA. Cathleen provided a wealth of practical, applied knowledge from how to price out a potential job, to seeking out clientele, to mosaic installation that is durable in the New England climate. I feel very equipped to take on an architectural installation job since taking the workshop. Thank you, Cathleen!”
Cassie Doyon
“I took the class and really loved it, Cathleen is so knowledgeable about the topic and has an endless amount of experience! It was so great to be hearing about supplies, vendors and more that actually work and we can feel confident using. Thanks Cathleen, I have a meeting with the staff at the spiritual center next week about their outside mosaic and feel so much more confident about the project!”
Cheryl Cohen
“Thank you for taking the time this weekend to share all you have learned about large mosaic installations. I feel inspired and it was all very helpful to me. And thank you for the amazing notebook chocked full of so much great info!”
Carol Krentzman
“I really enjoyed meeting you and taking your class this past weekend. I learned great tips that are relevant to my current project. Thank you for your advice on my installation!”
Michael J. Ferreira
“I definitely enjoyed the workshop and was impressed with your ability to turn your passion into a viable career for yourself. More specifically, it clearly takes a lot of thought and organization to put together a workshop that is more than just a showcase of your work, but that thoroughly answers the practical questions that up and coming mosaic artists struggle with. You hardly missed a thing. As evidenced by the comments of attendees leaving the workshop, you gave many of us more confidence to pursue both personal and professional projects.”
Kristie Nagpal
“I’ve been feeling grateful all week that I was able to participate in the Architectural Mosaics workshop. You’re a great teacher. I didn’t expect to gain as much as I did in terms of practical methods and better understanding of materials. I got all my supplies yesterday, and will be using it with my fifth graders for our outdoor project!”
Jess Regelson

Saturday November 11, 2017 from 10-5 & Sunday November 12, 2017 from 10-5

Cost: $400 plus a $10 supply fee

$25 discount for New England Mosaic Society members

Where: Pam Stratton Mosaics

16A Prospect Street Rockport, Ma 01966

 To sign up contact me here

If you need assistance with lodging, please

For information about Cathleen and more examples of her work, see her company website:

Friday Open Studio Time

Right Side

2017 Open Studio
I am offering open studio time for students who have attended my workshops to come and work on their own projects. I will provide tools and adhesives. You are encouraged to bring your own mosaic materials if you have them. Bringing your creative spirit is required. I am offering 2.5 hour time slots for $35.

If you plan to attend please contact me as space is limited. To sign up contact me here