shards 8x8

shards 8x8

Moon Lit SOLD
In Motion

In Motion 16x18


Spring 13.5x14.75

Fragmenti Wands

Fragmenti Wands 1.25x16 inches


Jazz White Marble and Quartz pebbles

Fragmenti Wands

Fragmenti Wands 1.24x16 inches

Garden to the Sea

Garden to the Sea Table Detail

Wind Blown

Wind Blown 9x11 Italian and Mexican Smalti


TwinLights 2'x4' Smalti, Pebbles and Marble


Confluence 10x10 Nautilus Shell,Ammonite,Marble and smalti

Sun Flowers

Sun Flowers 24x24 Italian Smalti

Inner canyon

Inner canyon 18x32 marble and Italian Smalti

Pond Mosaic

Pond Mosaic

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