Saturday April 20th Smalti 101

In this 4 hour class you will make a  small abstract mosaic in the direct method. Learn how to use B cuts and larger pieces of smalti to add interest to your work. Students will have the opportunity to see how to use the hammer and hardie to shape and texture these larger pieces of smalti. We will focus on cutting and laying smalti following the rules for creating a good line. I recently heard Rachel Sager say smalti is the champagne of mosaic material. I agree its luscious color palate and unique reflective qualities make every tessera a little sculpture in itself. Every piece is different. This is what I love about it, but it is also what can make smalti challenging to work with. Class is from 9-1 in my Rockport MA Studio

Price $150 To sign up contact me here

Canyon detail